16 Dec 21

CDP reporting 2021 scores released

cdp-reporting-2021-sLast week, CDP released the 2021 scores for its Climate Change disclosures. Over 14,000 organisations around the world disclosed data through CDP in 2021, including more than 13,000 companies worth over 64% of global market capitalisation, and over 1,100 cities, states and regions.

Greenstone would like to congratulate all of its clients and partners who have worked hard to improve or maintain their score from last year, and those who were included on the prestigious CDP ‘A List’. This includes Greenstone’s clients Fujitsu and Sopra Steria who we are particularly proud to say have been part of the A List since 2017 and 2016 respectively.

In the year of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report and COP26, the need for transformational, urgent and collaborative change across the world is more urgent than ever. Environmental issues such as climate change, water risk and deforestation are interconnected, and companies must go further and faster to manage them together.

CDP A List

The A List showcases the companies leading on environmental transparency and action, based on their annual disclosure through CDP’s climate change, forests and water security questionnaires. This year has seen a major increase (35% up on last year) in the number of companies achieving an A score, with increases across all three themes that CDP assesses. Along with the high levels of disclosure, this shows growing environmental awareness among the business world in 2021.

200 companies have made this year's climate change A List.

24 companies have made this year's forests A List.

118 companies have made this year's water security A List.


These companies are leading the way to a net-zero, nature positive and equitable future.

CDP reporting

Companies are asked to disclose through CDP by their customers and investors. By completing CDP's questionnaires on climate change, forests and water security, companies will identify ways to help them manage their own environmental risks and opportunities as well as provide vital information back to their customers and investors, and to the market through research, insights and financial products and services.

Greenstone’s CDP reporting software

Greenstone is a Gold Accredited CDP software partner. Greenstone’s global sustainability management software has been designed to meet the requirements of CDP reporting and has a suite of dedicated tools to streamline the process. This includes GHG Protocol aligned data collection covering Scope 1, 2 & 3, climate change risks and opportunities, and an initiatives savings functionality for analysing savings against targets.

Using Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software companies can: 

  • Define bespoke question sets from a range of reporting frameworks, including CDPSASBGRI and SDGs
  • Collect data and supporting information across a diverse organisation
  • Consolidate data into internal and external reporting templates

As well as software, Greenstone provides its clients with support services to help them improve their reporting and achieve their broader sustainability goals. With in-depth knowledge of the CDP reporting system, our team of industry experts work closely with our clients through the whole process to ensure they submit a robust, clear and complete CDP response.

Discover the latest news and stay up to date with all the changes regarding CDP disclosure. 

“At Fujitsu we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and our long-standing partnership with Greenstone, and its software, has enabled us to report and evolve our non-financial reporting with accuracy and confidence.“
Juliet Silvester, Head of Responsible Business at Fujitsu EMEIA

“Greenstone’s dedicated team of consultants is committed to helping us improve our data collection and reporting. If we need help or advice, they are always at hand with a focussed and timely response.”
Head of Environmental Sustainability, Sopra Steria

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