15 May 14

7 easily achievable ways to kickstart and improve your CSR programme

Improve_CSR_ProgrammeWhen it comes to corporate social responsibility programmes, businesses often find themselves thinking big and long term. Ambitious plans to address sustainability challenges are, of course, commendable. But, it can often be the case that introducing little changes as part of your CSR programme can ultimately make a big difference. So, don't neglect the small changes, because they can help make a difference with your CSR.

Here are a few of our favourite little changes that can make a big difference to your CSR:

1. Hone in on a specific issue, where you can make real improvements  

CSR covers a wide range of different areas. But, trying to implement an energy management system and run a social engagement project at the same time can be overwhelming and unachievable. So instead, focusing on one issue or one area will make things more manageable.

2. Start with a pilot scheme

Major changes can take a lot of time and effort before they become effective. You need to secure funding and stakeholder buy-in. Starting with a small, localised pilot project is a practical way to prove the value of a programme, without necessarily having to jump through so many hoops.   

3. Find out how you can get colleagues involved 

Getting employee input can be a key driver for change.  If you want your employees to be involved in social matters, consider taking a survey or simply asking for feedback.  What would they want to do?  What will ensure their contribution to community activities?  Would they prefer to give money to international disaster relief?  Or would it be a great team-building experience to take time on a Tuesday afternoon to help out at a shelter?  Knowing what your employees will involve themselves in helps to ensure the most effective charitable campaigns.

4. Make your CSR reports engaging

  If you've ever stared blankly at a dull report and wondered why the clock wasn't moving any faster, you're not alone. To get more people to engage with your CSR reports, try to think about them in terms of a marketing campaign. Consider how you can communicate the importance of what you are doing in a way that is relevant and interesting for the reader.

5. Use social media to communicate your message 

Social media offers you a great opportunity to communicate and share the work that you are doing. Engaging on social media will not only allow your public to know what you're doing and how you're doing it, but connecting with the public can give you interesting perspectives and knowledge that you otherwise may never have considered. Why not share something with us @greenstoneplus?  

6. Have a system in place to manage your CSR data

Collecting, managing and reporting your non-financial data can be a real challenge. But, having a system in place that can handle large amounts of data can make things easier and more efficient, while offering the flexibility you need to manage changing demands of reporting from different sites and geographies.

7. Embrace auditing for your CSR reports

Having your CSR reports externally audited isn’t necessarily a ground breaking suggestion. But, by having your reports audited, it will send out the message that they are not just reporting for PR and marketing. It will also show how seriously your organisation is taking its CSR.

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