20 May 14

Four tips to Optimise Your CDP Score

With less than two weeks to go until this year's CDP deadline, many organisations are putting the finishing touches to their response.  However, if you are a behind schedule or new to the whole process, don't worry - there is still time to complete your submission.

Four tips to Optimise Your CDP Score

1. Answer the question being asked

While it may be tempting to just include a copy of your company's climate change strategy, it may not receive all the points it deserves.  This is because CDP has a very specific scoring system. Fortunately, they issue a comprehensive scoring guide which can be downloaded from the CDP website.  By including keywords and structuring your answers in the specified way, your company can receive maximum marks for its climate change strategy and actions.  You call also attach additional files such as your organisations sustainability policy, so that readers of your response gain a better view of your company’s overall position on these issues.

2. Research similar organisations

Collaboration is more than a buzz word in sustainability, it is an essential part of it. CDP recognises this by publishing its ‘Global 500 Climate change Leaders’ list, highlighting companies across each industry sector which receive the highest score for both disclosure and performance. So whether you're a pharmaceutical company or a banking institution you can research what is being done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your industry, as many of these leading organisations now publicly publish their CDP submission.  Not only does investigating these industry leaders provide you with tips on how to improve your score, they can also provide the inspiration and best practice guidelines to further develop your organisation's climate change strategy.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help

The sheer volume of the CDP questionnaire can sometimes make the process seem overwhelming. For this reason many organisations seek external help, whether it's to help them frame responses in the best way possible or audit their emissions to ensure that everything is up to an appropriate standard.

4. It's okay to submit a work in progress

Organisations often believe they need to have perfect answer before they can make a submission. However it is important to remember that many of the participating companies are still developing their climate change strategies.  By demonstrating that you're engaging with the process you can help bolster your company’s reputation in sustainability.  Even if you don't have an answer for a specific section of the questionnaire, it is important not to leave it blank.  For example if your company doesn't currently integrate climate change risks into its business strategy then state this and explain how you plan to address the issue in the future.

As a Gold accredited software partner, Greenstone is proud to support CDP and align with its mission to provide a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. For more information about CDP talk to us