Environmental reporting software


Greenstone’s clients upload data from a wide range of sources including energy, transport, waste, water and fugitive gases.

Environmental reporting software helps organisations to measure, understand and communicate their environmental performance and impact. Reporting on environmental impact provides transparency to consumers, investors and other stakeholders. It also enables organisations to reduce their impacts, achieve their sustainability goals and become a responsible business.

Using Greenstone’s environmental reporting software, clients can upload data from a wide range of sources, including energy, transport, waste, water and fugitive gases. 

Through our environmental reporting software, all our clients’ data is processed automatically to track consumption and calculate the associated carbon emissions using recognised international standards. These include GHG Protocol, Defra, Bilan Carbone, NGA and CGGI. 

A wide range of analysis dashboards and reports are available with the ability to set meaningful targets and track performance.

Clients use our environmental reporting software as part of their internal reporting processes, as well as to report against global reporting frameworks including CDP, GRI Standards, DJSI, SECR, the EU non financial reporting directive and UNGC.

As a result of using our software, our clients have been able to successfully build trust among their internal and external stakeholders, and subsequently achieve greater business success. You can read an example of this - how Royal Mail transforms its environmental reporting with Greenstone. 

Greenstone is a software partner of CDP and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), providing accredited content in a platform for integrated reporting.

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Greenstone Environment dashboard

“As a large multinational organisation, managing our carbon emissions is a complex process. Greenstone simplifies the process.”

Group CSR Manager, G4S

Technical Specification

What functionality is included?

  • Flexible organisation structure with unlimited reporting entities and data sources

  • Flexible data entry including automated data feeds, spreadsheet upload and simple online data entry

  • Create normalisation metrics to enable meaningful data comparisons

  • Automated carbon calculations with GHG Protocol, Defra, Bilan Carbone, NGA and CGGI methodologies

  • Unlimited users, user groups and profiles

  • Create performance comparisons of any part of your organisation

  • Full data audit and transparency of carbon calculation

  • Set overall or data source specific targets for consumption or carbon

  • Create and track progress of actions and initiatives related to your environmental management programme

  • Bespoke reporting functionality, including CRC and ESOS in the UK, EU Energy Efficiency Directive and Scope 2 market emissions. 

  • Comprehensive report template library

  • Dynamic and exportable dashboards

What are the benefits of this module?

  • Easy-to-use tool for multiple user groups across your organisation, increasing their awareness and engagement

  • Remove the data management headache, enabling you to focus on analysing the results and generating reports

  • Identify opportunities for carbon, consumption and cost savings

  • Includes certified content from GRI and CDP to help streamline reporting
  • Save cost through a reduced administrative burden compared to an offline / Excel based process

  • Ensure consistency of reporting to manage evolving reporting requirements

  • Engage staff in energy / carbon reduction initiatives through a consistent and user-friendly platform

The techie stuff

  • Solution is built on a Microsoft.NET platform

  • Hosted with Rackspace, providing full physical and online data security

  • Full disaster recovery provision

  • Compatible with all modern browsers: IE8+, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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