Supply chain and procurement reporting software


Enabling responsible supply chains. 

SupplierPortal is a supply chain management software solution that provides your business with a single point of transparency across your supplier network, ensuring that compliance, performance, and risk can be managed seamlessly.

Do you have...

  • No / too many systems managing supplier information?
  • Multiple departments managing supplier relationships?
  • Increasing requirements to comply with supply chain legislation?
  • A lack of visibility of supply chain risks?
  • Inconsistent manual processes for contract management?

Greenstone’s supply chain management software solution - SupplierPortal

  • Single platform for supplier information and analysis
  • Best practice and bespoke supplier assessment questionnaires
  • Risk flagging and scorecards
  • Contract management
  • Audits
  • Action management
  • Integration with ERP and procurement systems
  • Compliance reporting
  • Supplier communications

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Best practice supplier assessment questionnaires covering:

  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Commercial information
  • Carbon, waste and water
  • Environment
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Health & safety
  • Information and IT security
  • Indemnity and liability insurances
  • Labour standards and working conditions
  • Modern slavery

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“Using SupplierPortal to capture consistent and relevant information from suppliers has significantly reduced our corporate risk exposure and reduced the costs, errors and labour associated with a manual spreadsheet based approach”

Financial Controller, Quintain Estates & Development Plc (Quintain case study)

How it works

Setting up SupplierPortal seamlessly enables you to manage and segment your suppliers, ensure all contracts are maintained appropriately, and meet ongoing supply chain legislation and expectations.

Starting to manage your suppliers through SupplierPortal is simple:

  1. Identify, upload, and segment your suppliers.

  2. Upload current and historical contracts.

  3. Distribute assessment questionnaires to relevant suppliers.

  4. Receive automated notifications to ensure effective supplier and contract management.

  5. Use flexible analysis tools to access and report supplier information.

  6. Have confidence in your data and ongoing supplier compliance.

How it's used

SupplierPortal is a customisable solution that enables you to manage and gather information for suppliers, sub-contractors and any other entities e.g. organisation memberships or investments.  

Greenstone will always ensure that SupplierPortal is implemented and configured in a manner that best reflects your requirements, and below are a few examples of how we can do that.


Supplier risk and compliance

There are multiple reasons why third parties could pose a risk to your organisation, from business practices through to owning and maintaining up to date documentation. This risk is often reputational, but of course it can go further, and become a legal liability.

SupplierPortal enables organisations to gather all the relevant information and documentation that is required from different categories of suppliers. This could be in order to ensure compliance with your own policies, or minimum expectations of a supplier; it could be to verify that a supplier or sub-contractor has all the correct qualifications or certifications to work in a particular sector or on particular project; or it could be driven by wider reaching legislation such as the UK Modern Slavery Act, tightening global bribery and corruption standards, or mineral and materials regulation.

SupplierPortal then helps identify risk and inform all compliance reporting through customisable analysis tools, such as risk flags and automated notifications. This ensures that your organisation can at all times be confident there is a robust process in place to make sure your suppliers remain compliant and your supply chain transparent.

Supplier evaluation and audit
Supplier evaluation and audit

Through standardised and bespoke scorecards, reports and an audit area, SupplierPortal provides a solution for evaluating and validating supplier information.

The audit facility is customisable to our clients’ needs, enabling you to run internal or external audit programmes through automated audit templates. The aim is that SupplierPortal can provide both a means to verify supplier information, as well as a searchable database of all supplier evaluations carried out across your organisation.

Clients use this function to ensure that there is a robust, recordable process in place to review suppliers, so they can share audits directly with suppliers in order to drive improvement. This is also used as the core function in the supplier approval process.

Investment due diligence
Investment due diligence

SupplierPortal is not limited to gathering information on suppliers and sub-contractors. It can be used to house a portfolio of investment organisations and funds and their relevant ESG information.

In order to make informed responsible investment decisions, there is an increasing need to perform non-financial due diligence around potential investments.

SupplierPortal enables you to gather consistent ESG metrics and calculate GHG exposure, helping you align with Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and report on the non-financial performance of your investment.

The data captured can be interrogated on a group and individual investment basis to ensure responsible investment decisions are made using transparent non-financial due diligence information.

Contract management
Contract management

SupplierPortal is designed to help your organisation manage all of your suppliers in one place. For many of our clients, sending out supplier assessment questionnaires through SupplierPortal means engaging with only a proportion of their overall supplier network, and the remaining suppliers still need to be understood and managed. SupplierPortal’s contract management functionality ensures greater transparency across your entire supplier list.

Clients can upload multiple contracts and supporting files against each supplier. Each contract record contains customisable sets of information, which usually include estimated and variable contract costs, contract categories, projects, and bands, and lists of contract clauses to be tracked across all contracts.

Automated notifications run against individual contract terminations and notice periods, ensure a robust process for managing contracts across an organisation.

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