Sustainability software 2023Greenstone’s sustainability software is certified by GRI’s Certified Software and Tools Program which guarantees that software and digital tools are using GRI content accurately. This GRI reporting software is designed to meet the requirements of the GRI Standards and enables companies to collect the required data needed to compile and produce a GRI report.

Global Reporting Initiative

The Global Reporting Initiative (known as GRI) is an independent, international organisation that helps businesses and other organisations take responsibility for their impacts, by providing them with the global common language to communicate those impacts. GRI reporting software provides the world’s most widely used standards for sustainability reporting – the GRI Standards.

GRI Standards

The GRI Standards create a common language for organisations – large or small, private or public – to report on their sustainability impacts in a consistent and credible way. This enhances global comparability and enables organisations to be transparent and accountable.

The Standards help organisations understand and disclose their impacts in a way that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders. In addition to reporting companies, the Standards are highly relevant to many other groups, including investors, policymakers, capital markets, and civil society.

The Standards are designed as an easy-to-use modular set, starting with the Universal Standards. Topic Standards are then selected, based on the organisation's material topics – economic, environmental or social. This process ensures that the sustainability report provides an inclusive picture of material topics, their related impacts, and how they are managed.

Greenstone’s GRI reporting software

As a Certified Software Partner and GRI Community member, Greenstone enables its clients to report using the GRI Standards through its award-winning software and services.

Greenstone provides easy-to-use, secure software with automated, accurate and auditable reporting along with supporting services from a team of industry experts. Greenstone’s Frameworks module has been designed to meet the requirements of GRI’s sustainability reporting framework and enable companies to easily produce a GRI report.

Our software was one of the first software tools to achieve certification under GRI’s Certified Software and Tools Program.

Using Greenstone’s software, companies can:

  • Define bespoke question sets from a range of reporting frameworks, including GRI, CDP, SDGs, UNGC and many leading financial exchange reporting schemes, based on the relevance and materiality to their organisation.
  • Create custom questions to cover any additional company-specific KPIs and metrics which can be integrated into questionnaires alongside content from reporting frameworks.
  • Collect data and supporting information across a diverse organisation.
  • Consolidate data into internal and external reporting templates.
  • Analyse quantitative data on dashboards to assess performance and track progress over time.


GRI certified content

Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software has been certified by GRI’s Certified Software and Tools Program which guarantees that software and digital tools are using GRI content accurately, enabling robust and transparent reporting and making sustainability reports better, more accessible and easier to produce.

Visit our Frameworks & Standards content library aiming to keep you informed with the latest industry updates and learn more about the available sustainability and ESG frameworks and standards to support your company's reporting.

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