Webinar: Reporting Scope 2 market-based emissionsnotebook_655x464

This webinar has now passed. To access the recording, please vist our Past Webinars page.

Since the introduction of the GHG Protocol’s new guidance on Scope 2 emissions in 2015, companies have had the opportunity to report the emissions associated with their electricity consumption in a way that more accurately reflects their purchasing choices; the market-based approach.

This means electricity obtained from a low-carbon supplier can now be reflected in your Scope 2 reporting. However, there has been a lot of confusion on how to calculate and report market-based emissions, particularly when it comes to purchased renewable electricity.

Join this 30-minute webinar which will cover:

  • The market based-methodology and the benefits of using it
  • How to report Scope 2 market-based emissions as defined within the GHG protocol
  • The role of energy attribute certificates and what to do if you are using green tariffs
  • Some examples of using the market-based approach

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