20 Feb 23

Greenstone implements new EDCI API enabling direct data submission

EDCI-img-blogGreenstone is delighted to announce that it is one of the first ESG platforms to enable private equity firms to submit data to the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) via an in-bound API. This API integration, launched by EDCI on February 15, 2023, will streamline and ease the annual EDCI data submission process for General Partners (GPs) and their respective portfolio companies.


Co-chaired by CPP Investments and Carlyle, the EDCI is a first-of-its-kind, industry-led effort by the private equity community to build consensus on meaningful ESG metrics and generate comparable, performance-based ESG data. Supported by BCG as a neutral partner, the initiative was formally launched in late 2021. Since then, more than 275 GPs and LPs have joined the initiative, contributing data from close to 2,000 underlying portfolio companies for the EDCI benchmarks.

With this new API, GPs using Greenstone’s InvestorPortal software solution to collect, manage and analyse ESG data across their portfolios are now able to seamlessly submit data and metrics directly to EDCI with one click. This feature reduces effort and simplifies the process for GPs and portfolio companies by eliminating manual data collection and submission.


Greenstone’s award-winning InvestorPortal platform enables the collection of ESG data and the calculation of carbon emissions across investments and funds. Through an easy-to-use interface, it simplifies the reporting of ESG data for the GPs, their portfolio companies and their own investors. InvestorPortal also enables the calculation of accurate Scope 3 carbon footprints across an entire portfolio.


Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone comments “As a supporter of the EDCI, Greenstone is committed to aligning its ESG data management solutions for private markets with this important industry-led effort. With our client commitment of Data that talks to you, we share the EDCI’s objective of generating useful, performance-based, comparable ESG data”


To learn more about and sign-up to the EDCI, please visit https://www.esgdc.org


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