Choosing the right non-financial reporting frameworks


We have a new edition of this guide! Please click here to download Greenstone's latest Sustainability Reporting Frameworks Guide.

The non-financial reporting landscape can be crowded and confusing for organisations that are constantly tasked with navigating definitions, timescales and requirements for different reporting channels. To help, we have created this guide, which takes a look at the Top 8 non-financial reporting frameworks. 

In this 15-page guide, we cover:

  • Key things to consider when selecting a reporting framework. 

  • The top 8 non-financial reporting frameworks including GRI, UNGC, the SDGs, IIRC, CDP, ISO26000, DJSI and SASB. 

  • An overview of the scope, prescriptiveness and audience of these frameworks.

  • A matrix comparison of all 8 frameworks, to help you to make informed decisions about the non-financial reporting framework/s most appropriate for you. 




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