12 Jun 20

Work in sustainability and drowning in spreadsheets? Here’s why you need a new approach

Sustainability reporting season is in full swing, and for some sustainability reporting professionals, this means spending the next two or three months drowning in spreadsheets and suffering from email fatigue.

With reporting requirements constantly increasing, a huge volume of data needs to be collected and reported across an organisation. Once collected, you are then faced with the daunting task of combining datasets from different business functions into something that can be interpreted, analysed and reported on.

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Sustainability , Spreadsheets

25 Jun 21

3 common myths about using spreadsheets for non-financial reporting

Did you know that an estimated that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors [Source: Marketwatch]. So, why is it then that many organisations are still using spreadsheets for their non-financial reporting

Spreadsheets are perceived as an easy, quick and accessible solution. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case; for many organisations the reverse its true. In some instances, the myths surround spreadsheets are preventing CSR professionals from making accurate, data-driven decision.

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Non-Financial Reporting , Spreadsheets