19 May 14

CSR misconceptions – what to believe?

With new directives, updates in legislation and the changing expectations of consumers, corporate social responsibility is a bit of a moving target these days. Add in the level of nuance that tends to surround CSR and you’ve created a perfect environment for misunderstanding and CSR misconceptions.

It’s no wonder that there are a lot views, expressed as fact, that don’t stand up to scrutiny.  We look at a few of the more common ones below:

CSR Frameworks , Insights

15 May 14

7 easily achievable ways to kickstart and improve your CSR programme

When it comes to corporate social responsibility programmes, businesses often find themselves thinking big and long term. Ambitious plans to address sustainability challenges are, of course, commendable. But, it can often be the case that introducing little changes as part of your CSR programme that can ultimately make a big difference. So, don't neglect the small changes, because they can help make a difference with your CSR.

CSR Frameworks , Insights

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