16 Dec 15

CDP – Looking ahead to 2016

With more than 4,500 companies now disclosing information to CDP, and investor interest increasing, reputational benefits from a good score means that the business case for reporting to CDP is stronger than ever.

This year’s report included the 2015 A-list which saw 113 companies making the top grade for their actions to combat climate change. This is the performance half of the CDP score, and marks the level of action taken by respondents to measure, verify and manage their carbon footprint. CDP respondents are also given a disclosure score (out of 100) which assesses the quality and completeness of a company’s response.

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14 Dec 15

The Paris Agreement: Turning Point for a Climate Solution

The below article was recently published by The World Resources Institute (WRI). 

Today marks an historic turning point in global action on climate change. At the UN Climate Conference in Paris, known as COP21, 196 countries joined together in the Paris Agreement, a universal pact that sets the world on a course to a zero-carbon, resilient, prosperous and fair future. While the Agreement is not enough by itself to solve the problem, it places us clearly on the path to a truly global solution.

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2 Dec 15

Closing the loop: The EU’s new Circular Economy Package released

Today the European Commission adopted an ambitious new Circular Economy Package to help European businesses and consumers to make the transition to a stronger and more circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way.

The current linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model for resource use cannot be sustained, and because of this resource efficiency and circularity in resource use has become a hot topic amongst sustainability professionals.

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1 Dec 15

Supply chain - the next step in Eurostar's non-financial reporting journey

An interview with Eurostar’s Luke Ervine, Head of Environment & Energy

What has Eurostar’s sustainability journey looked like to date?

Our journey started in 2006 when we commissioned independent research into the carbon footprint of our passenger journeys. This study revealed that traveling to our core destinations using high speed rail is more carbon efficient than travelling by air.

However, for Eurostar, being more carbon efficient than our competitors wasn’t enough. So in April 2007 we launched our Tread Lightly Sustainability programme to reduce our impact on the environment and improve our environmental and energy performance.

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