19 May 15

Moving your supplier risk and compliance process online – what do you need to consider?

Your organisation may already be collecting supplier information offline, for example through a spreadsheet or survey, so what are the key benefits of moving this activity online and what should you consider before doing so?

What are the main benefits of moving to an online process?

• Instant global scalability, enabling 100% supplier coverage
• Easy visibility of supplier compliance and risk
• Save time and cost associated with collection and management of large quantities of information
• Enable detailed analysis to ensure information is meaningful
• Consolidate all supplier information requirements in one place
• Access supplier information at the touch of a button
• Improve compliance through making process efficient and user friendly for suppliers

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Supplier Compliance , Supplier Data , Supplier Relationships , Supplier Management , Supply chain sustainability

19 May 15

Latest version of SupplierPortal - enhanced usability and further analytical capability

The latest SupplierPortal release enhances the user experience and provides yet more analytical capability

Why the new version?

The latest release of SupplierPortal, as with all of our software development, is based on listening carefully to our client’s needs and drawing on our wide experience of the market.

This release adds more analytical capability and further enhances the user experience throughout the whole solution, without compromising our focus on simplicity and usability.

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Supplier Compliance , Supplier Management , Supply chain sustainability

12 May 15

Modern Slavery in Supply Chains: What you need to know

An estimate from the Global Slavery Index indicates that there are approximately 35.8 million people being subjected to modern slavery today [1]. Recently receiving Royal Assent in parliament, the Modern Slavery Act 2015 aims to cut this number by requiring businesses to take action and report on modern slavery standards in their supply chain.

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Modern Slavery

1 May 15

Greenstone’s Supplier Engagement Forum - 28th May

Greenstone is holding a Supplier Engagement Forum in London on Thursday 28th May. 

Please join us for a speaker session and panel discussion, with keynote speakers from Quintain Estates & Development and Accenture. The event will focus on a topic that we see becoming increasingly important across all of our clients – Supplier Engagement – disclosure, risk and compliance.  

The speaker session will be followed by drinks, providing you with the opportunity to meet with Greenstone’s team, clients and wider network.

For more details and to register, please visit the event page

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