8 Apr 15

Greenbiz Forum Blog Series. Part 3: Save our planet! It’s the only one with suppliers

Greenstone's Head of Client Services, David Wynn attended the annual Greenbiz Conference in Phoenix (17th-19th February 2015). In this blog series he reflects on some of the key trends from the event.


“Save our planet! It's the only one with coffee” was Jim Hanna at Starbuck’s closing quip at Greenbiz Forum 2015. As Director of Environmental Affairs for the coffee giant, his ‘one great idea’ pitch was scaling sustainable innovation. And with over 12,000 global stores that’s no easy challenge. The challenge of engaging with suppliers at scale is twofold. How do you engage suppliers on environmental issues? But even more challengingly, how do you engage suppliers on environmental issues that span interconnected and dependant supply chain processes?

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1 Apr 15

Greenstone's Insights Conference - 29th April

We are holding our next Insights Conference in London on Wednesday 29th April. The breakfast event, with speakers from Eurostar, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and UN Global Compact, will focus on sustainability reporting. 

We will hear from Eurostar on the challenges and opportunities they have faced in implementing their environmental programme, from GRI on global trends in sustainability disclosure and from UNGC with their take on the illusion of voluntarism in sustainability reporting. 

For more information and to register, please click here.  

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