31 Mar 15

Online tools powered by Greenstone helping to make TV industry more sustainable

albert and albert+, the pioneering sustainability assessment tools for the film and television industry, are enabling production companies across the UK and internationally to reduce the carbon footprint of their productions. 

The online tools, developed through a partnership between the BAFTA Albert Consortium and Greenstone, are being used by the four main UK broadcasters – Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Sky - to work with production partners to make significant reductions in the environmental impact of their programmes. 

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18 Mar 15

Greenbiz Forum Blog Series. Part 2: The 3 R’s of Sustainability: Risk, Reputation & Revenue

Greenstone's Head of Client Services, David Wynn attended the annual Greenbiz Conference in Phoenix (17th-19th February 2015). In this blog series he reflects on some of the key trends from the event. 

There’s never a shortage of interesting job titles at sustainability events. You could be having coffee with the Head of Environmental Management, Business Risk, Sustainability, Business Resilience, Corporate Quality or Corporate Social Responsibility from any number of types of organisation. But does the title matter? Of course there are differences between these roles but at the heart their purpose is the same: to drive sustainability through their businesses.

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17 Mar 15

Greenstone announces launch of ESOS reporting functionality and Carbon Smart partnership

Greenstone is pleased to announce a new release of its software and a strategic partnership to assist its clients with reporting under the UK’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme set up by the UK government, in response to the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive. It requires qualifying organisations to measure and audit the total energy usage across all buildings, transport and industrial activities. 

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ESOS , Environment

3 Mar 15

Greenbiz Forum Blog Series. Part 1: How does sustainability create value?

Greenstone's Head of Client Services, David Wynn attended the annual Greenbiz Conference in Phoenix (17th-19th February 2015). In this blog series he reflects on some of the key trends from the event [1].

“My flight was almost cancelled”. By 10am it was the second time I had heard someone suggest they were lucky to make it to the Greenbiz Forum in Phoenix, Arizona because of unprecedented snowfall in the North-East of the US. As well as being a conversation icebreaker, extreme weather and wider climate change impacts underpinned why hundreds of sustainability professionals had gathered in the Arizona desert to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities in sustainable business.

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Sustainability , Non-Financial Reporting

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