16 Dec 15

CDP – Looking ahead to 2016

With more than 4,500 companies now disclosing information to CDP, and investor interest increasing, reputational benefits from a good score means that the business case for reporting to CDP is stronger than ever.

This year’s report included the 2015 A-list which saw 113 companies making the top grade for their actions to combat climate change. This is the performance half of the CDP score, and marks the level of action taken by respondents to measure, verify and manage their carbon footprint. CDP respondents are also given a disclosure score (out of 100) which assesses the quality and completeness of a company’s response.

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14 Dec 15

The Paris Agreement: Turning Point for a Climate Solution

The below article was recently published by The World Resources Institute (WRI). 

Today marks an historic turning point in global action on climate change. At the UN Climate Conference in Paris, known as COP21, 196 countries joined together in the Paris Agreement, a universal pact that sets the world on a course to a zero-carbon, resilient, prosperous and fair future. While the Agreement is not enough by itself to solve the problem, it places us clearly on the path to a truly global solution.

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2 Dec 15

Closing the loop: The EU’s new Circular Economy Package released

Today the European Commission adopted an ambitious new Circular Economy Package to help European businesses and consumers to make the transition to a stronger and more circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way.

The current linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model for resource use cannot be sustained, and because of this resource efficiency and circularity in resource use has become a hot topic amongst sustainability professionals.

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1 Dec 15

Supply chain - the next step in Eurostar's non-financial reporting journey

An interview with Eurostar’s Luke Ervine, Head of Environment & Energy

What has Eurostar’s sustainability journey looked like to date?

Our journey started in 2006 when we commissioned independent research into the carbon footprint of our passenger journeys. This study revealed that traveling to our core destinations using high speed rail is more carbon efficient than travelling by air.

However, for Eurostar, being more carbon efficient than our competitors wasn’t enough. So in April 2007 we launched our Tread Lightly Sustainability programme to reduce our impact on the environment and improve our environmental and energy performance.

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23 Nov 15

Evaluating supply chain impacts with GRI and UN Global Compact

The term ‘supply chain sustainability’ refers to the management of environmental, social and economic impacts, and the encouragement of ethical governance practices [1] in the supply chain. Managing supply chain sustainability is not only the right thing to do in terms of ethical business practice; it also makes good business sense. As regulatory and consumer demand for transparency in the supply chain increases, businesses of all sizes need to look at the sustainability impacts of their business operations through the value chain.

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17 Nov 15

Greenstone selected to hold masterclass at GRI’s Global Conference

Greenstone has been selected by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to deliver a 3-hour interactive masterclass at its Global Conference in May 2016. In addition to the three day conference program, GRI offers these add-on masterclasses designed to give participants focused learning to empower sustainable decision making.

Earlier this year, Greenstone submitted a proposal for a masterclass titled ‘How to breathe life into your sustainability data’. GRI selected this masterclass out of 48 proposals from over 30 organisations as one of the 14 masterclasses it wished to offer participants as part of the conference.

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16 Nov 15

SustainIt and Greenstone to hold joint webinar on Scope 2 Guidance

Understanding how to effectively report on CO₂ emissions is a continual challenge, and sometimes just making sure you’re using the right standard correctly can be a real nightmare.

The great news is that the new WRI guidance on Scope 2 emissions provides a clear methodology that not only allows you to effectively report on CO₂ emissions from Scope 2 sources such as electricity, but also allows a much greater level of granularity than before.

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11 Nov 15

Webinar on The Modern Slavery Act - 24th November

Greenstone is holding a webinar on Tuesday 24th November at 1pm GMT on the Modern Slavery Act.

The UK government has recently issued statutory guidance relating to the supply chain transparency and reporting obligations of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. With the aim of preventing employment exploitation and increasing disclosure of labour practices, the Act introduces new grounds of compliance for commercial entities.

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9 Nov 15

Greenstone announced as a CDP accredited software partner

Greenstone has partnered with CDP to further streamline the CDP reporting process for its software clients. CDP has accredited Greenstone as an official Climate Change Software partner as part of its partnership programme. 

This partnership provides Greenstone’s clients with a CDP accredited software platform to collect, manage, analyse and report non-financial information. Greenstone’s Enterprise solution includes the CDP reporting questionnaires, which simplifies the reporting process for organisations and enables them to collect the exact data required for reporting to CDP.

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4 Nov 15

The Modern Slavery Act 2015: supply chain transparency requirements

The UK government has recently issued statutory guidance relating to the supply chain transparency and reporting obligations of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. With confirmation on who is required to comply and when they need to comply by, as well as including essential details on the all-important annual statement, Transparency in Supply Chains: A Practical guide is a welcome document for all. Here is everything you need to know and what you need to do.

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2 Nov 15

Greenstone speaking at 10th Annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit Europe

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Matthew de Villiers, will be speaking at the Ethical Corporation’s Sustainable Supply Chain Summit on 10th and 11th November in London.

This year’s Summit will show how companies deliver a resilient value chain through industry collaboration and business innovation, focusing on; responsible sourcing, impact measurement, scaling up and supplier engagement. 

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30 Oct 15

ESOS deadline adjustments: All you need to know

The UK’s Environment Agency (EA) has announced an extension to the December 5th ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) deadline for organisations falling under the scheme. This may be welcome news for many of the 10,000 plus organisations who have yet to meet the deadline for compliance.

Although the legal deadline for compliance remains 5 December 2015, companies will not face enforcement action if they notify the EA with intention to comply before 29 January 2016. Organisations which cannot comply by 5 December 2015 must inform the EA via an online portal, detailing why they have been unable to comply and when they will respond.

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26 Oct 15

Understanding the SASB standards

What is SASB?

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, or SASB as it is more commonly referred to, was launched in October of 2012. It is an independent ASNI (American National Standards Institute) accredited organisation that develops sustainability accounting standards for publicly-listed US companies. SASB’s aim is to develop and publish accounting standards for material sustainability issues. These standards are industry specific, with the aim of integrating them into accounting standards.

When should the standards be used?

SASB standards can be used by any global company looking to report on material, environmental, social and governance issues. They can also be used by organisations in the US in their statutory filings to comply with SEC’s Regulation S-K to disclose material information in form 10-K and 20-F filings.

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19 Oct 15

Rackspace enhances its global sustainability reporting capability with Greenstone’s enterprise software

Greenstone today announced that Rackspace®, the #1 managed cloud company, has chosen Greenstone’s Enterprise software as part of its emissions management portfolio.  Rackspace has selected Greenstone to calculate, track and store its global sustainability data.  

The Global Corporate Social Responsibility team at Rackspace has been working with Greenstone to rollout the software to capture emissions data globally across Rackspace’s 23 site locations. Now fully implemented, Greenstone’s software is providing Rackspace with an easy and intuitive way to capture and centralise global sustainability data, eliminating error-prone data transfers and improving data reliability. Rackspace has been tracking this data since 2011.

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12 Oct 15

Future of reporting: deeper integration, greater scrutiny

The second analysis paper from GRI’s ‘Reporting 2025 Program’ has just been released, providing greater insights into the shape of reporting over the next decade. Among many interesting predictions, one key realization is clear: the next decade will require concrete action from all organizations on what really matters if we are to truly create a more sustainable economy and world.

​Increasing world population, wealth inequality, climate change, conflicts, human rights violations and population migration will all shape the general context in which businesses operate and decision-makers act. According to sustainability thought leaders involved in Reporting 2025, there is also a strong belief that these issues will intensify dramatically in the next decade. 

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1 Oct 15

Fujitsu tops Dow Jones Sustainability Index Rankings

Leading ICT company and long-term Greenstone client, Fujitsu Ltd, has topped the industry rankings for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) this year. Fujitsu achieved the highest scores awarded in the software and services industry for its environmental policy and environmental management system, achievements in operational eco-efficiency, and investment in human capital development.

Fujitsu’s approach has been to successfully target its own environmental impact, and address global environmental challenges through technology, working in partnership with its customers.

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21 Sep 15

Supply Chain Transparency: why we need it now more than ever

As non-financial reporting frameworks and requirements for organisations evolve, so does the need for transparency throughout supply chains. There is an ever increasing emphasis within current and upcoming regulations on being able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of your suppliers and vendors.

Most recently we have seen evidence of this advancing mood through the UK Modern Slavery Act, the EU corporate disclosure directive, and of course the Dodd Frank Act covering conflict minerals.

This summer David Cameron further clarified the criteria surrounding the UK government’s commitment to anti-slavery and supply chain transparency in a speech in Singapore.

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21 Sep 15

Greenstone speaking at the Sustainable Procurement & Supply Summit

Our CEO, Matthew de Villiers is speaking at the Sustainable Procurement & Supply Summit (SPSS) at the QEII in London tomorrow. As part of the Supplier Collaboration panel discussion, Matthew will be talking about how to overcome the barriers to supplier collaboration – both internally and externally – and how to engage with suppliers in a way that benefits them.

The Sustainable Procurement & Supply Summit is organised with The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) - providing the only UK conference to fully address the need for greater attention, measurement and control across all areas of procurement and the extended supply chain.

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18 Sep 15

Quintain transforms its procurement and corporate risk policies with SupplierPortal

SupplierPortal is a flexible cloud based solution for sharing information between Buyers and Suppliers.By moving your supplier management and due diligence processes online, you will immediately move your focus from data collection to managing risk and compliance.

This is achieved through customisable features, for example: questionnaires, scorecards, response flagging, audits, comparisons, benchmarks and an automated notification system. 

Who’s the Client?

Quintain Estates & Development PLC is a London-focussed regeneration company. Quintain is behind Wembley Park, London's largest urban renewal scheme, and during its 21-year history has transformed assets across the Capital into places where people want to live, companies want to grow and neighbourhoods can come alive.

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15 Sep 15

“Now is the time for businesses to take the lead” with The Climate Group initiative RE100

The below article was recently published by our partner, The Climate Group, as part of the countdown to next week's Climate Week NYC. 

Today business, industry and commerce accounts for half of the world’s electricity consumption. While many companies are already reducing their carbon emissions and energy bills, The Climate Group’s RE100 global campaign goes a step further and is helping the world’s most influential businesses go 100% renewable.

As part of our countdown to Climate Week NYC, Emily Farnworth, RE100 Campaign Director and Phil Levermore, Chairman, The Climate Group explain why RE100 is a leading example of how businesses can act on climate in the crucial run up to the UN's global talks in Paris and beyond, in two exclusive video interviews for our digital channel Climate TV.

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25 Aug 15

Looking ahead to COP21: Countries vs. Businesses

It’s hard to remember a year that could potentially be more pivotal for international climate change talks than 2015. Years of international negotiations trying to repair the perceived collapse of 2009’s climate talks in Copenhagen will culminate this December in Paris for the UNFCCC’s 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21).

The significance? It’s hoped that COP21 will secure a legally binding climate agreement to limit carbon emissions on a global scale beyond 2020. The opportunity is great but as the talks grow closer, what have countries already pledged and importantly, what is the role of business in COP21?

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12 Aug 15

Greenstone’s ongoing support for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Greenstone is proud to continue to support the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and align with its mission to help businesses, governments and other organisations understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues.

Greenstone is working with global organisations across multiple industry sectors to help define, measure, report and improve their CSR programme. We work closely with our clients to define material business impacts, develop efficient data gathering processes and improve consistency of their reporting.


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14 Jul 15

NHS Sustainability Leads Network - using software to manage sustainability information

The NHS Sustainability Leads Network sets aside part of each meeting to hear about opportunities for continuous improvement in their service.  At the Network’s June meeting David Wynn, Head of Client Services at Greenstone, was invited to provide an update on sustainability reporting and the use of software.

The ever increasing requirement for more information and detailed analysis continues to put sustainability professionals under pressure and makes it harder for them to effectively balance their time between strategy and reporting. Reporting is of course an essential part of assessing performance but when it comes to managing data offline, organisations are too often drowning in spreadsheets with data that can’t be easily accessed or analysed. Moving sustainability data to an online platform provides an opportunity to remove inefficiencies and the data management headache, enabling you to use the information to focus on identifying opportunities for improvement and change.

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8 Jul 15

Climate Change Reporting: Why do we bother?

Greenstone’s Head of Client Services, David Wynn, attended the OECD Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct in Paris. Here he reflects on the key global trends and discussions on climate change reporting from the event.

Hot off the tail of the warmest May since records began, the OECD Global Forum in Paris brought with it more sweltering heat and an opportunity to share thoughts and insights with global leaders working in responsible business conduct. Covering everything from human rights in international sport to China’s approach to human rights, the forum was an opportunity for global professionals to share information and set the stage for a long-term vision for sustainable business.

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8 Jul 15

Reporting Scope 2 Emissions under the GHG Protocol - what you need to know

Greenstone is holding a webinar on Tuesday 21st July at 1pm GMT on what you need to know about reporting Scope 2 emissions under the new GHG Protocol guidance. 

New guidance on Scope 2 reporting has been published by the GHG Protocol as a response to the rapid growth in renewable energy. It offers organisations a new approach for reporting how low-carbon electricity purchases contribute towards their carbon footprint.

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6 Jul 15

ESOS compliance is more straightforward with the Greenstone-Carbon Smart partnership

Since the announcement of their strategic partnership in March, Greenstone and Carbon Smart have assisted a growing number of organisations with reporting under the UK’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). The joint ESOS proposition has ensured consistent end-to-end ESOS compliance for both organisations’ clients.

ESOS is a mandatory energy audit compliance scheme set up by the UK government requiring qualifying organisations to measure and audit the total energy usage across all buildings, transport and industrial activities. By 5 December 2015, qualifying organisations are required to have carried out their ESOS assessments and notified the Environment Agency.

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24 Jun 15

Defra 2015 Conversion Factors: what’s changed?

Defra 2015 is here! UK Government Conversion Factors for company reporting are updated annually and this year is no different. The updates are mainly limited to the revision and modification of existing emission factors.

What’s new?

We have examined what’s new and have listed below some of the most notable changes in this year’s updates that may have an impact on your organisation;

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8 Jun 15

GRI publishes paper on future trends in sustainability reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has published an analysis paper titled ‘Sustainability and Reporting Trends in 2025: Preparing for the Future’.  The paper, which is the first to be published as part of GRI’s 2025 Reporting Project, examines future trends in sustainability and corporate reporting and disclosure.

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3 Jun 15

Supplier engagement: disclosure, risk and compliance - Greenstone’s Supplier Engagement Forum

Last week, a group of Greenstone’s clients, partners and business associates came together for Greenstone’s Supplier Engagement Forum. The event, where participants met to discuss latest issues and solutions in supplier engagement, was very well attended and we were delighted by the feedback received.

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19 May 15

Moving your supplier risk and compliance process online – what do you need to consider?

Your organisation may already be collecting supplier information offline, for example through a spreadsheet or survey, so what are the key benefits of moving this activity online and what should you consider before doing so?

What are the main benefits of moving to an online process?

• Instant global scalability, enabling 100% supplier coverage
• Easy visibility of supplier compliance and risk
• Save time and cost associated with collection and management of large quantities of information
• Enable detailed analysis to ensure information is meaningful
• Consolidate all supplier information requirements in one place
• Access supplier information at the touch of a button
• Improve compliance through making process efficient and user friendly for suppliers

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19 May 15

Latest version of SupplierPortal - enhanced usability and further analytical capability

The latest SupplierPortal release enhances the user experience and provides yet more analytical capability

Why the new version?

The latest release of SupplierPortal, as with all of our software development, is based on listening carefully to our client’s needs and drawing on our wide experience of the market.

This release adds more analytical capability and further enhances the user experience throughout the whole solution, without compromising our focus on simplicity and usability.

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12 May 15

Modern Slavery in Supply Chains: What you need to know

An estimate from the Global Slavery Index indicates that there are approximately 35.8 million people being subjected to modern slavery today [1]. Recently receiving Royal Assent in parliament, the Modern Slavery Act 2015 aims to cut this number by requiring businesses to take action and report on modern slavery standards in their supply chain.

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1 May 15

Greenstone’s Supplier Engagement Forum - 28th May

Greenstone is holding a Supplier Engagement Forum in London on Thursday 28th May. 

Please join us for a speaker session and panel discussion, with keynote speakers from Quintain Estates & Development and Accenture. The event will focus on a topic that we see becoming increasingly important across all of our clients – Supplier Engagement – disclosure, risk and compliance.  

The speaker session will be followed by drinks, providing you with the opportunity to meet with Greenstone’s team, clients and wider network.

For more details and to register, please visit the event page

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8 Apr 15

Greenbiz Forum Blog Series. Part 3: Save our planet! It’s the only one with suppliers

Greenstone's Head of Client Services, David Wynn attended the annual Greenbiz Conference in Phoenix (17th-19th February 2015). In this blog series he reflects on some of the key trends from the event.


“Save our planet! It's the only one with coffee” was Jim Hanna at Starbuck’s closing quip at Greenbiz Forum 2015. As Director of Environmental Affairs for the coffee giant, his ‘one great idea’ pitch was scaling sustainable innovation. And with over 12,000 global stores that’s no easy challenge. The challenge of engaging with suppliers at scale is twofold. How do you engage suppliers on environmental issues? But even more challengingly, how do you engage suppliers on environmental issues that span interconnected and dependant supply chain processes?

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1 Apr 15

Greenstone's Insights Conference - 29th April

We are holding our next Insights Conference in London on Wednesday 29th April. The breakfast event, with speakers from Eurostar, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and UN Global Compact, will focus on sustainability reporting. 

We will hear from Eurostar on the challenges and opportunities they have faced in implementing their environmental programme, from GRI on global trends in sustainability disclosure and from UNGC with their take on the illusion of voluntarism in sustainability reporting. 

For more information and to register, please click here.  

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31 Mar 15

Online tools powered by Greenstone helping to make TV industry more sustainable

albert and albert+, the pioneering sustainability assessment tools for the film and television industry, are enabling production companies across the UK and internationally to reduce the carbon footprint of their productions. 

The online tools, developed through a partnership between the BAFTA Albert Consortium and Greenstone, are being used by the four main UK broadcasters – Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Sky - to work with production partners to make significant reductions in the environmental impact of their programmes. 

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18 Mar 15

Greenbiz Forum Blog Series. Part 2: The 3 R’s of Sustainability: Risk, Reputation & Revenue

Greenstone's Head of Client Services, David Wynn attended the annual Greenbiz Conference in Phoenix (17th-19th February 2015). In this blog series he reflects on some of the key trends from the event. 

There’s never a shortage of interesting job titles at sustainability events. You could be having coffee with the Head of Environmental Management, Business Risk, Sustainability, Business Resilience, Corporate Quality or Corporate Social Responsibility from any number of types of organisation. But does the title matter? Of course there are differences between these roles but at the heart their purpose is the same: to drive sustainability through their businesses.

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17 Mar 15

Greenstone announces launch of ESOS reporting functionality and Carbon Smart partnership

Greenstone is pleased to announce a new release of its software and a strategic partnership to assist its clients with reporting under the UK’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme set up by the UK government, in response to the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive. It requires qualifying organisations to measure and audit the total energy usage across all buildings, transport and industrial activities. 

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3 Mar 15

Greenbiz Forum Blog Series. Part 1: How does sustainability create value?

Greenstone's Head of Client Services, David Wynn attended the annual Greenbiz Conference in Phoenix (17th-19th February 2015). In this blog series he reflects on some of the key trends from the event [1].

“My flight was almost cancelled”. By 10am it was the second time I had heard someone suggest they were lucky to make it to the Greenbiz Forum in Phoenix, Arizona because of unprecedented snowfall in the North-East of the US. As well as being a conversation icebreaker, extreme weather and wider climate change impacts underpinned why hundreds of sustainability professionals had gathered in the Arizona desert to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities in sustainable business.

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12 Feb 15

Everything you need to know about the new GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance

Powersupply-1The GHG Protocol’s Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard is the leading global methodology for calculating the emissions of corporate organisations. As well as providing guidance for organisations on how best to report emissions in a consistent and transparent way, the standard underpins our software solutions at Greenstone. We use the GHG Protocol to apply location based emissions factors and in doing so automate and streamline the use of the Standard for our clients.

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9 Feb 15

ISO 50001 explained – Is it the right route to ESOS Compliance for you?

With global energy prices continuing to rise and a steady increase in national and international climate change legislation, there are an array of schemes and standards being developed to help organisations better manage their energy. A key scheme in the UK is the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), which many organisations are obligated to comply with in 2015.

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5 Feb 15

World Economic Forum Environmental Trends 2015

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently held its annual conference in Davos. On the agenda for this high profile event was a discussion about its Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015 report.[1] The report is the result of a worldwide survey and looks at the top 10 social, economic and political trends that are likely to have a significant impact globally in the next 12-18 months.

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5 Feb 15

UNGC – Greenstone’s Communication on Progress

Greenstone has been a participating member of the UN Global Compact since 2013. Each year we publically submit our Communication on Progress (COP) which outlines our commitment to the UNGC’s ten principles.

As a sustainable software company, we use our solution to actively promote the UN Global Compact Principles as a standard for our clients. We are also dedicated to improving the transparency of corporate reporting in the four key areas – human rights, labour, environment and anti-bribery and corruption through supplier management. In addition to our UNGC commitment, we continue to be an Organisational Stakeholder of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

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2 Feb 15

Supplier Portal Blog Series Part 3: Health & Safety

The latest statistics from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that, for 2013/14, 1.2 million people suffered from a work related injury or illness in the UK, costing society an estimated £14.2 billion[1]. Needless to say, health and safety (H&S) is a major consideration for businesses all over the world. However, with supply chains now under increased scrutiny, performance in one part of the chain can significantly impact performance in another. In light of this, companies need to expand their procurement approach to include the monitoring and management of supplier H&S performance.

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Supplier Management

21 Jan 15

Looking ahead to COP21 in Paris 2015

It’s hard to remember a year that could potentially be more pivotal for international climate change talks than 2015. Years of international negotiations trying to repair the perceived collapse of 2009’s climate talks in Copenhagen will culminate this December in Paris for the UNFCCC’s 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21). The significance? It’s hoped that COP21 will secure a legally binding climate agreement to limit carbon emissions on a global scale beyond 2020. The opportunity is great but the challenges are significant from all angles, whether they be economic, social or political.

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20 Jan 15

Supplier Portal Blog Series Part 2: Environment

Companies are increasingly discovering that environmental and energy-related supply chain risks are both significant and material to their short and long term operational prosperity. With such issues now an everyday topic of conversation, the need to ensure environmental supplier compliance is becoming a central part of business strategy.

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Supplier Data

12 Jan 15

SupplierPortal Blog Series Part 1: Anti-Bribery & Corruption

A recent piece of research by Ernst & Young indicated that only half of British businesses ask their suppliers about their anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C) policies.

With the increase in legislation, public ethical expectation, and the spotlight on supply chains, it is now time for companies to take a more proactive approach and ensure that supplier AB&C performance is not an issue.

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Supplier Compliance

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