25 Jul 14

How to manage supplier data efficiently and accurately

Data2As a buyer, there’s a good chance you are juggling data, left, right and centre. You’re trying to keep on top of your supplier data, while also having to compare supplier performance and monitor supplier compliance.

But it’s not an easy task for suppliers to manage these data requirements either. On top of supplying their products or services, suppliers are increasingly expected to process countless requests for data. Often they have to calculate their carbon, waste and water footprints, generate reports for general business use and share this information with all of their customers to demonstrate a level of compliance. 

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Supplier Data

24 Jul 14

What you need to know about techniques for monetising Natural Capital

As well as Natural Capital becoming an important part of your sustainability reporting, there is a practical approach for organisations to integrate Natural Capital into financial accounting. Using a robust monetary valuable, when market prices are obtained from exiting market structures, can be used to determine the economic value of an environmental benefit. 

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Natural Capital

18 Jul 14

How can software help with your CSR reporting?

For modern organisations, working with a wide range of data is a reality. When it comes to CSR reporting this is certainly true. But having the right structure in place to collect, manage and analyse this data can be the difference between it being a smooth process or an organisational challenge. There are many ways that investing in non-financial reporting software can help with CSR Reporting, supporting the growing requirements of non-financial reporting and providing companies with increased confidence in their data.

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Non-Financial Reporting , Frameworks

18 Jul 14

Home Office Partners with Greenstone to Measure ICT Energy and Carbon Footprint

The Home Office has become the latest UK Government department to measure its ICT related energy and GHG emissions using Greenstone’s Enterprise system.  The department produced its annual ICT footprint as part of the Cabinet Office Greening Government ICT programme. 

In 2011, the UK Government launched its ‘Greening ICT Strategy’ with a vision to create “a cost effective and energy efficient ICT estate…..with reduced environmental impacts to enable new and sustainable ways of working for the public sector.” As a result, 15 central government departments are required to submit an annual report outlining their progress on mandated commitments and actions on greening their ICT estate to the Cabinet Office.

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Non-Financial Reporting , IT

17 Jul 14

An introduction to Natural Capital

Some people might just see the term ‘Natural Capital’ as another bit of jargon making it’s way into the world of sustainability reporting. But actually, as a concept, it has an important role to play in supporting an organisation’s understanding of the broader environmental cost and impact of business.

We’ve recently published a new eBook ‘Beyond CSR Reporting: How to Value Natural Capital”, which takes an in-depth look at the role it has in helping organisations understand the broader environmental cost of their business.

Defining Natural Capital 

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Natural Capital

10 Jul 14

5 questions to ask when researching non-financial reporting software

When starting to review your options for non-financial reporting software, it can be difficult to know where to start. How can you be sure you’re investing in the right software for your company? How can you know that it is going to help you to achieve your sustainability goals? 

While the answer will depend on your industry and your strategy, there are some common considerations. Here are a few tips as to how to make the right decision.

What are you looking for in your non-financial reporting software?

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Non-Financial Reporting

8 Jul 14

Download the eBook “Beyond CSR Reporting: How to Value Natural Capital”

While a typical approach to reporting involves reviewing performance over the last year and assessing the next few years to set targets and goals, organisations need to take a longer term approach to ensure continued success.

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Natural Capital , Frameworks

3 Jul 14

How to make a sustainability strategy resonate with your finance team

Successfully engaging with your finance department can be the difference between having the budget to support your sustainability strategy and having to restrict your sustainability plans for another year. 

But this is easier said than done. While having the necessary funds in place is a vital step to support your plans and ambitions, finance teams are under a lot of pressure to keep a tight rein on any expenditure.

So what can you do to move the conversation forward? Here are ideas on how you can start to build your case and engage with your finance department.

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