25 Jun 14

7 real issues that shouldn’t stop you collecting responsible sourcing data

If you were to round up a room full of buyers, and ask them what challenges they face when collecting responsible sourcing data, you’ll likely be flooded with different answers! 

So if every buyer faces different challenges what chance do they have of getting it right and bringing suppliers with them?

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20 Jun 14

3 common myths about using spreadsheets for non-financial reporting

Did you know that an estimated that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors [Source: Marketwatch]. So, why is it then that many organisations are still using spreadsheets for their non-financial reporting

Spreadsheets are perceived as an easy, quick and accessible solution. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case; for many organisations the reverse its true. In some instances, the myths surround spreadsheets are preventing CSR professionals from making accurate, data-driven decision.

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Non-Financial Reporting , Spreadsheets

18 Jun 14

How to improve transparency in your non-financial reporting

Demands for transparency in non-financial reporting are high. Your key stakeholders, customers, suppliers and investors are used to a world where they can readily find the information they are looking for and increasingly expect this in your non-financial reports. 

So, what are some of the steps that you can take to improve transparency in your non-financial reporting?

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Non-Financial Reporting

17 Jun 14

Supply chain implications of the new EU directive on non-financial reporting?

7183154861_cbc68a7112_zWhen the European Union adopts a new directive on non-financial and diversity information, affected companies and their suppliers all have to respond.  

Large companies’ influence extends far beyond their traditional organisational boundaries and this legislation is therefore destined to have an impact on those companies’ direct and indirect suppliers.

To help you understand what changes this new directive will introduce and how it will impact your non-financial reporting, we’ve summarised the main points below.

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Supplier Compliance

17 Jun 14

SupplierPortal readiness assessment

Register for a free SupplierPortal Readiness Assessment that reviews your supplier due diligence process and identifies ways to reduce cost, increase transparency and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

The session will cover:


Identify people across the business who need to collect, review and report compliance and other information from suppliers

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Supplier Compliance

12 Jun 14

What are the benefits of the new FRC strategic report guidance?

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has published new strategic report guidance to encourage companies to prepare a high quality report. The purpose of the guidance is to help and support companies deliver a report which provides shareholders with a holistic and meaningful picture of an entity’s business model, strategy, development, performance, position and future prospects.

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Reporting Guidance

10 Jun 14

4 signs you should invest in non-financial reporting software

Companies have not always invested in robust systems for managing and analysing their non-financial data. Yet, as a result of growing non-financial reporting requirements, companies need greater confidence in their data accuracy. On top of this, there is a rising expectation that companies will use their data to improve their performance over time. All of this can be a challenge, without the right structures in place. 

It may, therefore, be time to reconsider the role non-financial reporting software could have in your organisation. Here are four signs that it’s time to introduce software to your non-financial reporting.

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Non-Financial Reporting

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