30 Apr 14

How to Reduce your IT Carbon Footprint

ICT equipment can account for 15% of electricity consumption in offices and 2% of overall global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a figure which is set to rise.  With energy prices continuing to increase, companies need to find ways to lower without compromising innovation.  Significant savings can be achieved by following a few simple steps.

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16 Apr 14

What is the implication of the new EU directive on non-financial reporting?

When the European Union adopts a new directive on non-financial and diversity information, the world of CSR and affected companies both have to respond.  Company Secretaries and CSR professionals will need to react to this new directive and learn how to revise and adapt their strategy accordingly.  Quickly understanding the implications of the new directive and its impact need to be a priority.

Who will this new directive on non-financial information affect?

The directive, which has a report or explain approach to providing the required information, is intended to provide greater transparency and accountability of non-financial information.  It will affect large companies operating in the EU (those with over 500 employees) – approximately 6000 so-called ‘Public Interest Entities’.

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Non-Financial Reporting

9 Apr 14

Investors’ survey highlights use of non-financial data in investment decisions

A recent report published by Ernst & Young examined the increasing use of non-financial reporting data by investors.  Over the past 12 months, 9 out of 10 investors surveyed found that non-financial performance information played a crucial role at least once in their decision-making.  

Investors highlighted materiality and a link to financial performance as two key factors they looked for when reviewing ESG data.  Geographic locations had a significant impact on the frequency with which non-financial information was used. Over 70% of respondents based in emerging markets frequently or occasionally used non-financial data, compared with only 49% of those in developed markets. Non-financial reporting was considered to be particularly relevant in the mining, energy and industrial sectors.

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Non-Financial Reporting

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