18 Jan 18

State of Green Business Report 2018

This week GreenBiz published its annual State of Green Business Report. This report assesses how, and how much, companies are integrating sustainability into business strategy and operations.


12 Jan 18

The coffee cup dilemma and the opportunity for sustainable business

The UK sends an estimated 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups to landfill every year1. This doesn’t include those cups that escape collection and find their way into the surrounding environment along with our other waste products as litter. The detrimental effects, both ecologically and aesthetically of this offshoot of quick consumerism is beginning to grate on the last nerve of our policy makers.


8 Jan 18

Greenstone partners with UNGC and Ardea International to host webinar on human rights in the supply chain

Greenstone has partnered with specialist consulting firm Ardea International and UN Global Compact Network UK to host a webinar on human rights in the supply chain on Wednesday 31st January at 3.30pm GMT.

There is an ever-increasing focus on global supply chains, with organisations themselves needing to take increased responsibility for whom they work with, and for understanding how their suppliers operate. Human rights is an issue that is very much driving this discussion, with rights and conditions of workers a topic Governments across the world are trying to address.

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